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When trying to answer a question several times (uploading images for example),

one can only click the answer button in the question two times.

So two answers.

If You then refresh the page, it leads You immedeatly again to the answer form

which does not work.

User is lost.

Tested in q2a Sandbox

How to change that behavior ?




Any idea or work around ?

It looks really ugly ! 

May be there is a way to trigger a full page refresh after having answered the first time ?

Some code in the js files to comment out or similar ?

Any help is welcome...

Q2A version: 1.6.1
Can you please be more clear about the exact steps to reproduce this?

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a - go to Demo site
b - ask a question
c - log in as demo admin
d - click the question - answer it
e - when done - hit answer again 
f - after hitting add answer - the question appears, all buttos under the question are gone
g - hit refresh / reload brings you to the answer form (Thats not ok )
h - However - one enters his thrid answer hits add answer and ok, the answer is shown but the question shows still no buttons
A week ago i tested that on my sites and on demo page, 
where the thrid answer triggered the answer form again 
and again without adding a third answer
The problem only appears with multiple answers by same user on one question.
But this may be necessary if one wants to upload several items or has an extra long article 
copied from wiki or something in several parts
Thank You
I know it is not the worst error, but people dont like that kind of website behaviour.
At least a message like, one answer per question only would be helpful, better would be
to have working buttons still after severel answers
By the way thanks for the escellent new features in 1.6.1 
In my case i did deactivate the responsible java function and so
the page gets reloaded fully each time.