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There is a bug in 1.6 beta 2. When you choose to have users Log In by "email address" only, and not username, the Log In page always displays in bright red "user not found" underneath the email field before you log in. You can replicate this this even on this website. Log out, and then go back to the Log In page. You will see "user not found" right under the email field.
Q2A version: 1.6 beta 2

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As far as I can see this is not related to that particular option. It happens if you click the 'Login' button in the Snow theme without entering an email or username in the fields at the top. I've fixed it now.
Thanks for the quick response. You're right, it's not option related. How did you fix it in the them? Show we download Q2A 1.6 beta 2 again?
Wait for the final release of Q2A 1.6 tomorrow :)