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I want to display a message to users who are not logged in and who haven't confirmed their e-mail, telling them about how their question is going to wait for moderation unless they login or sign up. I don't want the message to be read by anyone else but these people.


The purpose of telling only them is to make this warning useful to people who already did confirm their email but forgot to login. That could happen if you visit the site at work and it happens quite frequently because it's not that easy to tell when you are posting anonymously.

Q2A version: 1.5.4.

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To send all posts if email is not confirmed to moderation------->



--------->Use moderation if email not confirmed: (check this one)

To display a message (You didn't specify where, so I assume on every page on page)



-------->Custom HTML at top of every page:(check this one, and write you message here)(You can use html, that means you can style your message as you want)


Do you allow anyone to post?
I edited the question to include more details. I want to display a message exclusively for people who haven't logged in or haven't confirmed their email. These are the people who currently have to wait in line for their question or answer to be approved by a moderator.