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I w'd like to know If I  Can I edit the footer ?If so where can I find the file?Does any one have the idea regarding this?

Thank you!

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If your aim is just to add some contents to the footer, there is no need to edit any file. You can add contents to the footer by going to Admin => LAYOUT and scroll down to "Custom HTML at bottom of every page:". In that test area, you can add contents to the footer, in version 1.2.1.
If you still want to edit footer, you can do so by editing qa-theme-base.php in qa-include folder, I suppose. I am not very sure of this, and others may confirm this.
Hope this helps.
there is no qa-theme-base.php in new version.
You can only add HTML in 'Custom HTML at bottom of every page', no PHP?

If so, it is pretty much useless if you want to integrate Q2A into a CMS.

What is the alternative then? The solution below seems to be for older versions. Can't get it work anyway. What is the easiest way to get a simple php include footer into a custom theme?
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1) Make an advanced theme described here:


No worry, its kind of very easy.

2) Add this function to Your new qa-theme.php

    function footer()
            $this->output('<DIV CLASS="qa-footer">');
            $this->output('</DIV> <!-- END qa-footer -->', '');

3) Add to Your function as You desire:

Example adding a text in a new div:

$this->output('<DIV CLASS="my-new-footer-class">');
$this->output('<p>My new footer text.</p>');

If You need more help, let the community know about.

Please do not change the qa-theme-base.php, Instead use allways Your advanced theme, as You can allways just change back to the standard theme without any losses.
after doing the white background in snow theme was lost and the powered by is still there.
where the example should be added exactly?
please write the complete code including the example.
preferably please write all of the text that should be in qa-theme.php including all needed codes and functions and example. thanks
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I wrote complete code manual including the example here: http://www.jasom.net/basic-anti-spam-configuration-for-question2answer