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I want to change my questions and ask url to something else is this possible? For example: site.com/ask and site.com/questions to site.com/differenttxt and site.com/othertext

Is this possible please show me how if so thanks.

I tried doing url rewrite via htaccess, I couldn't do it... Would be nice if someone helped.

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Yes, check in the main config file for the QA_CONST_PATH_MAP option. You would need something like this:

    'ask' => 'differenttext', 
    'questions' => 'othertext', 


It does not change the links. Do we need a new installation ?
Hi, thanks for replying but this does not seem to work :-(
Hmm, it works fine for me. I think you are doing something wrong. Can you post the code you added there to qa-config.php?
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I have figured it out!

Inside qa-base find line below:

$qa_request_map=is_array(@$QA_CONST_PATH_MAP) ? $QA_CONST_PATH_MAP : array();

And  insert custom url in bracket as shown below:

('questions' => 'Your custom name',);

('ask' => 'Your custom name 2',);