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As a beginner - low intermediate PHP developer I'm incredibly impressed with the stability and flexibility of Q2A and obviously its inspried me to make my code more organized and flexible.


Q2A is designed using an MVC like methodology right?


Does it a use a prexisiting framework? What are the other design patterns employed in its development?


Thanks in advance:


Q2A version: 1.5.4
For anyone who is also interested in this question: the answer to the framework portion of this questionis here: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/319/what-php-framework-does-q2a-use

Gideon didnt use a framework to keep the site lightweight and fast.

still interested to know what design patterns q2a employs.

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I guess Q2a is not using any framework instead they are using core php hard coded..


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There is not such MVC method has been used for Q2A. Theme design is nothing more than just overriding a class methods.

However, HTML is hardcoded and inline within the PHP functions. Which may gives you some trouble initially to find and understand them. Once you understand than you will find it more easy.