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I just cannot seem to find where to change the text on the /feedback page. I was searching in the admin backend, the theme files (Snow) - where else could it be? I would prefer not to change the core files.

Could anyone please point me to the right direction? Thanks!
Q2A version: 1.5.4

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Unfortunately, it's in the core files. You'll want to find the snippet you want to change, then search the lang files for it. Most text on the site is stored in a lang file.

For instance, if you want to change "Your comments or suggestions..." it's here:

qa-include > qa-lang-misc.php > line 52

The other text snippets for the feedback form are also in there:

'feedback_email' => 'Your email: (optional)',
'feedback_empty' => 'Please use this field to send some comments or suggestions',
'feedback_message' => 'Your comments or suggestions for ^:',
'feedback_name' => 'Your name: (optional)',
'feedback_sent' => 'Your message below was sent - thank you.',
'feedback_title' => 'Send feedback',
You'll want to change the words after ...=> ' and before ...',
Thanks! One more question: Would it then be possible to override these arrays in my theme with own keys=>values?
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@Niko Skievaski,

You should not make any changes in to core file. You always can override any language file by placing same file into qa-lang/custom/ directory.

Place your lang file with only modified code ( not entire code ) to qa-lang/custom/ directory. This will override only your modified text and rest will load from core.
If Edite change footer text 'send feedback' To 'Contact' ????