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I need this feature too.

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This is my terrible manual workaround right now. (Maybe this answer will prompt you savvy developers out there to write a better one?)

I run the following querry in the database to determine who isn't signed up for the newsletter:

SELECT u.userid

FROM qa_users u left join qa_usermetas m 

on u.userid = m.userid

where m.content is null

This returns a list of user id's for all users who don't have the newsletter. Then I go into the qa_usermetas table and add them.

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Look for the qa_db_user_create() function in the file at  \qa-includes\db\users.php

Within that function, you have to write a code to insert a user record with default newsletter status of '1' to the usermetas table immediately after the if-else conditions for inserting their data into the users table.

When you're done, the concluding part of that function should look like screenshot below:

This will automatically subscribe new users that register on your website to the newsletter. For the existing users, you'll have to reference their ids on the usermetas table manually. Goodluck!