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It's becoming a common practice to post repeated questions:

I've seen other people do that and they usually rephrase the question to hide the fact they're spamming it.

Another classic example:

Having moderators close duplicated questions not only solves this problem but also concentrates all the discussion in one question only.

I volunteer to be a moderator to redirect all duplicate questions to the oldest available.

Any thoughts?

Agree with this. Myself and NoahY were given "Expert" status a while back, but we can only edit answers and approve/reject posts. And I don't think NoahY comes here much at all any more.

The other problem is the flagging system only hides posts. There is no way for the rest of us to flag posts as duplicates etc.
I guess we'll just have to wait untill the problem grows out of hand.
As a new user, I third this suggestion. I'm a moderator on a stackexchange site that always has at least a couple moderators that regularly visit and clean stuff up. Helps a lot.
@Kamal, started nice topic
@Scott, Yes we need some moderators to manage and cleanup this board. I think now we need to have some more categories to manage specific types of questions. We also should stop anonymous people. If they really need help than they should logged in, it takes few seconds.

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