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I am very thankful to Gideon Greenspan, NoahY and many Plugin authors. My Vote up and hats off for them. If this question2answer has to overcome all issues faced by its users, then definitely, this will be the number 1 source for question2answer script (open source). To make this possible, the developer team should meet themselves or try to findout the reasons for the conflicts between the plugins. I am facing a problem in my site, which is purely of the conflict between the plugins, however, I am going to giveup 1 plugin to save another. This shouldn't happen as we users need whatever we like to include in our site. And, there should be a button to show whether the plugin is working with the q2a current version or not (like in WordPress Plugin page!).
Thanks and I hope this will be a healthier discussion in this forum.

Q2A version: 1.5.4
"conflict between the plugins" It would help if you tell us which plugins were causing the conflict, and what this conflict is. You can post issues in github.com as most of the plugins are hosted there.

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unfortunately only way of creating q2a plugins is overriding modules and functions which can cause this problems. also changing q2a's code to extend it's capabilities will require lots of developer's time and will cause incompatibility of old q2a plugins and q2a's new version. so developers will have to learn new methods and recreate their plugins again which is also lot's of work.

only solution I see is to start a new branch of q2a with OOP and a more flexible framework, just like WP or Drupal; or wait untile Gideon Greenspan makes these changes in a slow but stable schedule(or form a comunity of commited developers to speed it up).

he is a greate programmer but I think at some development phases he sacrificed flexibility for q2a's speed.
I would vote for speed, and not OOP. *I* like the fact that you have to get to know the code of core and plugins as their is learning involved.

But right, there should be some "expert" that checks the code of a plugin and "accepts" its version as save for production mode.
I was recently developing a plugin for a customer: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/?qa=blob&qa_blobid=15316083506780642818
it has enough overrides that it can break in any new update of q2a or simply by adding a new plugins. it wouldn't happen in a better designed framework for plugins.