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That is my open list. Things that should be implemented. A - important, D - less important.
Nearly all requests got thumbs up, so they have kind of importance.

Priority A

1 • solved
2 • New admin option "hide closed questions from question list"?
3 • solved with v1.6
4 • How to list all comments of a certain user?plugin, not core!
5 • Improving the search / search algorithm of q2a? 5 things to do better

Priority B

1 • solved
2 • How to show questions of two or more tags?
3 • Name of user who flagged a post or question? + suggestion to change core
4 • Why do closed question still appear in "Unanswered" question list?
5 • Convert comment to answer

Priority C

1 • more-link and extra page for related questions?
2 • solved
3 • Better Spam Control for "Rate limit for asking questions"
4 • Avoid Spam: Limits per day instead of per hour possible?
5 • solved with v1.6
6 • NoFollow links should be optional and not be posted to database! → should be admin option
7 • Display name of users at question/answer who voted + or - | requested here "show avatars of voters" too
8 • How to remove vote from question or answer (admin unvotes user vote)?

Priority D

1 • How to do a redirect if blobid does not exist? Or show an image-not-found-image?
2 • Is there a ^username handle/variable for mass mailings?
3 • Wrap all email notifications in custom HTML template plugin?
4 • How to prevent specific fraud by anonymous = registered user?
5 • Tip: Resize JPG images on upload
6 • How to hide the "edit by" notice frontend? → should be admin option
7 • How to hide ALL admin activities + edit events from activity list → should be admin option
8 • Close Questions only by admin → should be admin option
9 • solved with v1.6
10 • How to add username to RSS feed entry?
11 • "My Favorites" confusing as twice in submenu
12 • Improve spam control: Rate limit for adding answers per user below x points
13 • Why not replace all SPAN tags with DIV tags? (v1.5.3)
14 • solved
15 • Idea: What about a friendship plugin for q2a?
16 • How can I hide "super admin" from user lists → admin option

For Plugin Developers (would be nice to have some more core functions)
1 • Best way to get link to answer and comment from postid?
2 • Can I get the user avatar and the username by passing only the userid?


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A: 1 • Error: headers already sent by qa-theme-base.php in qa-app-cookies.php? http://question2answer.org/qa/17818/ → solved! issue from badges plugin: https://github.com/NoahY/q2a-badges/issues/22

B: 1 • How to prevent simultaneous edits to not lose content? http://www.question2answer.org/qa/17540/ → solved! by plugin: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/20918/

C 2 • solved by unreleased plugin, see code here: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/19032/suggestion-improving-system-saving-userids-users-flagged

D 9 • Plugin request: Postings on profile pages → comes with v1.6:

D 14 • Adding image verification to file upload / qa-wysiwyg-upload.php → integrated in v1.5.4
Wow! you got huge list :P great!
A 3 • How to list all questions of certain user? → was plugin, now implemented in core (v1.6.1)

C 5 • Warn user *before* posting that limit of questions is exceeded → now core (v1.6)

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A3 would be my choice of most important new feature.


But it should include questions and all other activity by a user.

Admin should have the choice what to show, questions, answers, comments, votes...

To achieve something similar actually one needs two plugins, the one by Scott and the

one by Noah.


I think this is a basic feature for any community like webproject today.