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I found a nice "workaround" that will help other plugin developers that need to parse the parameters (column params) from table qa_eventlog to an associative array:

$queryRecentEvents = mysql_query("SELECT datetime,ipaddress,handle,event,params
                                        FROM `qa_eventlog`
                                        WHERE datetime > NOW() - INTERVAL 8 HOUR
                                        ORDER BY datetime DESC
while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($queryRecentEvents)) {

// convert tab jumps to & to be able to use query function
          $toURL = str_replace("\t","&",$row['params']);

          // parse as URL
          parse_str($toURL, $data);

          // access keys in array
          $postid = $data['postid'];

          // ... do what you like


1 Answer

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            $params = array();
            $parameter = explode("\t",$event['params']);
            foreach($parameter as $param) {
                $parama = explode('=',$param);

from history plugin.