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Just see it now and wanted to inform you :)

In most of the themes we have:


"Add Answer" | "Cancel"

The buttons centered below the textarea.

Actually the order should be:


"Cancel" | "Add Answer"

as we know it from other websites and operating systems!

How can we change their order? 

PS: Snow theme here floats the buttons completely to the left, so that it is not effected by my suggestion...

Q2A version: 1.5.3
Try searching "ok cancel" in Google image search, you'll see that the order varies quite a lot. There is no correct order. If there is such a thing as a "standard" it would be the way Windows does it (as it's most popular), which is the action button (OK) on the left, Cancel right.
oh you are right, how could I not see that...

PS: My idea might have come from websites where I click "continue" on the very right...

But anyways, in case somebody has another culture (or OS or whatsoever :) ), how could he change the order of the buttons?

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