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I have read the documentation but as a non-programmer type it is not clear to me where I actually find modules and how I install them.  Can someone help an old dumb guy out?blush

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If it is a plugin than you need to place plugin into qa-plugin directory.
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Go to this page http://www.question2answer.org/addons.php

Find the plugin or the adon you want to use.click on the link. it will take you to the  download page.There you download the zipfile, then unzip the file and upload the folder into the qa-plugin directory inside your Q2A installation directory.

And you are done. your pluggin in installed. you can check it the plugin section inside the administration panel and check the settings.

So here is the page I go to http://www.question2answer.org/modules.php?module=page when I want the page module.  I am unable to find a download anywhere.  The plugins page does not have that module listed. There must be a link somewhere for the download...
actually modules are not external applications that you can install them in this software. You can add only plugins .
Now modules are something, which is used to create plugins or applications for certain purposes .
for example by using login module you can create login plugin for q2a website.
so basically modules are internal design patterns with spcific functions.
i hope this helps you understand modules in very basic layman language