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[Update]: I found the Badges add-on, but I'm still not very fond of plugins since I never know when thet are suddenly going to be out-dated.

Are there any plans on creating an achievements function for this Q&A script? I just feel that there's not really any incentives at all for people to actually join a Q&A website instead of a forum for example.

Since a Q&A websites tend to lack the "community" a forum has it can be hard to get people to stay if all they do is post questions and answer others. They need to feel that they've achieved something and gotten recognition for it.

I don't know how you guys feel about this, but after over 5 years in the Internet marketing business I've found out that people rarely do something if there's not something to gain from it. And most of the times gaining knowledge from participating at a website is not enough. :P

An example of achievements would be to look at http://stackoverflow.com/badges which had managed to create a pretty great system for it.

P.S: Another suggestion would also be to have a "featured questions" function where people could get extra points/achievements for giving the best answer. The persmission to make a questions featured could be added in the "permissions" tab in the Admin panel for example. This is great if the question is very important and needs an answer fast.
An example would be this: http://stackoverflow.com/questions?sort=featured  

P.P.S: I'm NOT saying "Be more like that site", I'm just trying to bring in ideas that has been proven to work well. :)

TL;DR: Add achievements and featured questions?

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The badges plugin is definitely the way to go. When Q2A is upgraded, every effort is made to ensure backwards compatibility with existing plugins.