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I took a quick look at the demo for the Syntax Highlighter. I am not sure it does what I was looking for. I want a user to be able to insert code blocks in the question/answer form (such as the one I am typing in now). Something like this:


if(m_pWebBrowser2 && m_pWebBrowser2->GetSafeHwnd())


//Don't allow Drag&Drop


VARIANT empty = { 0 };

VARIANT vHeaders = { 0 };

BSTR headers = SysAllocString( L"User-Agent: android\r\n" );

V_VT( &vHeaders ) = VT_BSTR;

V_BSTR( &vHeaders ) = headers;

m_pWebBrowser2->Navigate(strSECommunitySite, NULL, NULL, NULL, &vHeaders );


And of course another use may see the post and want to copy the code out of the post and paste it into a source file. Is that what Syntax Highlighter does? The demo I looked at simply shows "source code" as part of the body. The source code I want will be embedded in a question/answer/comment in the database and the user needs to be able to click a button on the edit form, such as the "Insert special character" button I see above this edit field, that would identify the portion of the answer/question/comment being submitted as source code.

Q2A version: latest

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