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I want to set up some categories for my site. What do I do? I see two category related tables in the DB ... So I assume I edit the tables but I don't know what is expected.

Also, what is the best documenation for using Q2A? If I go to the "Wiki" and click "documentation" what I get looks like some sort of e-mail app. I'm looking for something that explains how to setup/configure Q2A, what the APIs are etc.

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Categories can be created when logged as an Admin under the Admin tab then Categories.

For the installation, look here http://www.question2answer.org/install.php

If you need more functionnalities, you can look here http://www.question2answer.org/advanced.php

There isn't any "user doc", it is more a documentation towards developper. The functionnality of the site by itselft tries to be self explained.


Thanks for the help. I had been going to localhost and then phpMyAdmin to get to the database where I saw the category related tables. Once I logged into the web site itself as the admin instead of my own user ID (I have been testing as a regular user), I found the admin tab you mentioned.

Now I feel a bit silly since I see all the work I was doing to configure via direct modifications of the tables (after searching the code, a.k.a. "developer documentation", to see what code used what data) is doable via the admin tab.
Glad I could helped and saved you some trouble! :)