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I cannot get to my site from another machine. The log files show "client denied by server configuration" but of course the log doesn't mention what configuration causes the denial.

I have gone into httpd.conf (I am using WAMP) and added "Allow from All" on the directory. I have tried "Allow from xxx" where xxx is an IP address of another machine in my office.

My port 80 is bidirectional and open.

I have gone into phpMyAdmin and navigated to "Priviledges" for "localhost >> asktheexpert" (my db name). There I have an entry for "Any" user:

User Host   Type        Privileges           Grant Action

Any      %     global   ALL PRIVILEGES   Yes

But still I cannot get to the site from anywhere but the machine it is on.

What is the user info above for? I know it is for access to the DB but is that entry for any user on the network?

What else might I need to configure?
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What do you see in your browser when you try to access your site?
The website decliend to show this webpage.

                                                                                    HTTP 403

Most likely causes:
This website requires you to log in.

This error means IE was able to connect to the website, but it does not have permission to view the webpage.
maybe it is a filesystem permission problem. set all your files chmod to 644.

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I finally got this to show up for other users. I had followed a tutorial that indicated I needed to modify httpd.conf by finding the "controls who can get stuff from this server" where I needed to make a modification. The string the tutorial said to replace was not there but "Require local" was. If I removed that then I could not even get to the page from my localhost. I found information that said I needed to add this:

Roder allow,deny

Allow from all

That did not work. Nor did "Allow 123.456.789.xxx" where the latter was my other machine's IP address.

Finally what worked was to comment out everything under the <Directory> tag while adding this:


AllowOverride None

Options None

Require all granted


After that, the site is open for business.