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i have already try to setup it. But it's not working correctly. Because, I could not "cronjob" properly. Actually I’m new in web development. So I could not understand below this instruction:


#. Setup a cronjob_ for file ``qa-plugin/best-users-per-month/cronjob/cronjob.php``, and call it the first day of each month (it stores the monthly userpoints into table qa_userscores)

#. Run **cronjob.php** once. This will save all recent userpoints as userscores. Do not wonder: Afterwards all userscores will start with 0 points.


Please someone explain me details step by step with screenshot, if it possible. And please help me to do it.
Q2A version: Latest Version
The new PRO version works without cronjob. Find the plugin at: http://www.q2apro.com/plugins/best-users-pro
not,its not working

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I am the developer of the best-users-per-month-plugin.

The cronjob is a job that your server can do periodically, e.g. each day, each week or each month.

If you do not know how to set up a cronjob on your server, you can - as I wrote in \cronjob\readme.txt - call the cronjob.php file by pointing your browser to its location: www.domain.com/qa-plugin/best-users-per-month/cronjob/cronjob.php this will store the userpoints as "userscores" for the month. You should call this file the 1st of each month.

After installing the plugin, you have to run cronjob.php once, so that it can store the recent points of each user in the database table "qa_userscores".


last month's winner is not showed here: http://qstacks.com/?qa=bestusers
I had enabled the cronjob option, but not done the setup. How to do it?
What do you mean with "not done the setup"?
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means, how to setup cronjob? Is it the reason, my score is not updated (resetted) on january 1st?

Edited: I have understood the cronjob procedure. For testing purpose, I have setup for 15 minutes, but the cpanel sent me an email with erro message:
Status: 404 Not Found
Content-type: text/html

No input file specified.

I have used this command: php /home/path/to/qa-plugin/....../cronjob.php

Any help please?
I don't know the path to your installation, but if the cronjob does not work, call it manually on 1st of each month, e.g. http://qstacks.com/qa-plugin/q2a-best-users-per-month/cronjob/cronjob.php (where your file is located, you have to remove the .htaccess from the cronjob-folder beforehand)