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I have been testing this Q&A script and I have noticed that users answering a question are able to edit and recategorize that question even though I have limited this task to Editors, Moderatos and Admin in the Administration center - Permissions.  Is there an error in the script?  I am the Super Administrator and I have been editing the Permissions and still users posting an answer can modify the question.

What do the permissions say on the user's profile page? e.g. "Editing questions". Do you have any point-permissions set up in Admin>Permissions?
The user does not have any visible persmissions as a Registered User in its profile.

This is how the permissions are set in the Administration center - Permissions, these are the defaults
Viewing question pages: Anybody
Asking questions: Anybody
Answering questions: Anybody
Adding comments: Anybody
Voting on questions: Registered users
Voting on answers: Registered users
Voting posts down: Registered users
Recategorizing any question: Editors, Moderators, Admins
Editing any question: Editors, Moderators, Admins
Editing any answer: Experts, Editors, Moderators, Admins
Editing any comment: Editors, Moderators, Admins

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