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I've turn on Facebook login plugin and it worked very well for months.

However, during last couple of weeks, I've experienced the problem with FB login more frequenctly. Once I click Facebook login icon, it does popup a dialog but immediately close it without refreshing Question2Answer page. Of course, no authentication happens and I stay anonymous.

This happens time to time increasingly especially during last week.


Appreciate any adivice!
Q2A version: 1.52

3 Answers

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I experience the same issue, but I have never seen working the FB Login Plugin.

What can we do to fix it ? It might work since here at Q2A it is working, I am logged with the fB account ... :/

Please, one ray of light


Thanks in advacen,

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Workaround: Use the "forgot password" option of the login, and set yourself a new password. Then you can login via question2answer with your new facebook. And later, if facebook works again, you can use the FB-Login again.

Discussed at facebook login failures.


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Guys, I ended up removing this functionality out of my system; it's too unreliable in my environment.

And for users who had always logged on with FB, I just advised them to regenerate a new password via "Forgot password" as Kai suggested.
that's how I ended up as well some months ago :)