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Work on the cleaner theme by user pixelngrain has begun and it would helpful to receive any feedback on the prototype, shown below:

Gidgreen.. where can we download to test in current Beta stage?
Is download link available?
I like it. When might it be available?
I like it very  much and i'm waiting to can download and use it.
Dear gidgreen, where can we download and test it?
Just a quick note to let you know that you are true genius in software engineering. :)

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Some feedback:

1. I like the idea of colored numbers of answers, good to see where answers are missing!

2. I don't mind the number of views, secondary information. I would leave them where they are now.

3. If you look from far onto your image you will notice that it is absolutely pale / grey. Maybe use another color for blocks.

4. Maybe you make a border between the menu items? border-right: 1px solid #AAA;

5. Distinguish the questions in the list by background-color, see simple example.

6. Really great: Login + Register on top as a bar!!

When I saw it I thought you took a template from another question-answer-php-ware, so as I wrote, other colors, and don't use the views count on the left. This is not important for visitors (only for members).


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Agree about the grey, maybe the sidepanel boxes could have a hint of the orange that we have now.
The questions are separated by lines so I don't think background colours would help. Maybe the questions could be spaced out a little more? Like this: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/?qa=blob&qa_blobid=17711044124938939563
Thanks a lot for your feedback,
Point 3: This can be change with little dark something value like #777 or something around. I didn't use any color and only grey to keep it more clean and not so bright. I can try if you can suggests any color value.

I have designed without referring any website and put some idea and mixture of few websites what I have designed. Only answer color system (not color) I refereed from stackoverflow, but now I see what you all people have mentioned and I agree after seeing that things looking little similar to other scripts. But than I found most of the script has same type of layout and color. So let me try to find some unique color and layout if possible. Please suggest me if you have any idea but not bright or so colorful, that's what I prefer.
just an idea: as the main developer gidgreen is originally from London, use colors that are connected to that :)

check color palettes here: http://www.colourlovers.com/palettes/search?query=london
This is really great site you shared. Thanks
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Looks nice and clean overall. My first thought however was that the question list looks very similar to OSQA, I think we should try and be different. Here are some thoughts:

  1. Maybe make the Views a little smaller as they are not as important. On my site I simply put the text below the vote/answer boxes.
  2. I'm not sure what the blue background for answers means, is that just the default? If all the other boxes are white by default it would make sense to have that one white by default as well.
  3. The shadow on the top left and top right looks weird, IMO it should just be uniform (can probably use CSS3 for this).
  4. This isn't shown in the preview but since I'm typing in this box now, can you make the editor fill the entire width available, and maybe use a better theme that will fit in with this new theme?
  5. I really like the top bar, and the quicker way to log in.
Sorry for delay reply
Point 2: blue bg on for answer is showing that the question got answers but none of them selected yet and the green means there is a selected answer. However the blue color is actually very light green color but size reduction change little look.
Point 4: I am also thinking to change text editor skin if possible.
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Very nice.

  1. Love the no-voting buttons on the question list (never thought you should be able to vote on a question without looking at the question).
  2. Love the View count box.
  3. Love the colored answers count box
  4. Love the box format for tags
  5. Really Love the RSS feed button at the top - much cleaner and you don't have to list its title twice when its shared with the title of the page.
  6. Love the top-bar.


  1. Now that the attribution and tags are on the same line, what does that do to the size of user images or is that option not available anymore?
  2. Since you've used colored boxes for the right-side elements, I think putting boxes around the questions might be overkill (I saw someone comment on that before so I thought I'd put my two cents in).
  3. What happens to the votes, answers and views boxes when the question title wraps to a second line?

really nice - hope we can get this soon (even a prototype to play with and provide more in-depth feedback on).



Point3: It will wrap text from the start of the title. Wont' go below the boxes.
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and this is my latest designed theme for my new Persian WebDev q&a site. it took me 2 whole days to create it and I had changed more than half of ThemeBase.

I will give away last theme as soon as I launch this@ AskWeb.it. I hope your theme will come out soon, we're waitingsmiley.


This question is meant to be for feedback on the proposed design above, not for everyone to post their themes...
Nice theme anyway. The arrows look a bit weird next to each other though.
you're right. and I just wanted to inspire other designers.
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Instead of using three separate boxes for "votes, answers & views", would not it be nicer to use just a single box for all of them?

I saw one in LampCMS (yet another Q&A script), and I liked it really.



My first impression has been "no, too much".

It seems to be 'too much' for the eye. But maybe it's just me so let's see what the others say :)
I would agree with that, echteinfachtv. I read a post that stated having too many "borders" in a design (e.g. boxes within boxes) is bad design and makes thing difficult to read. You could make the answer one the same width as the votes and just having it below. But not inside.
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Very nice theme.

Things I like:

- Removal of voting icons from home page

- Coloured boxes for status

- Boxed tags

Would you be able to add a screenshot of a question pls. Also, any idea of a release date pls?
Will give soon soon some update screenshots..
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Really good theme.

When it release ? We are waiting :)
Any news? when will it release? :)
I hope this week.. lets see what Gideon says
It will be part of the 1.5.3 release in the coming week or so. You can help though! Test any page on this site in the new theme by adding ?site_theme=Snow to the URL.
hi gid, did so. tricky ;)

Note: the contrast between background-color and qa-main-wrapper is too weak, you cannot see where it starts/ends. Instead of background:#fafafa I suggest #eeeeee

or use the recent one: #cfd1c4 which is quite good as well!
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Nice work. Like the theme.

 But the use of colours are not cool for eyes. The layout is clean and will be happy if an upgraded recent badges widget is released along with the version.