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Trying to implement single sign on with AEForum but get this error:

Undefined index: is_logged_in in /home/mysite/mysite.com.com/mkportal/modules/answers/qa-external/qa-external-users.php on line 63

(Line 63 is: if ($_SESSION['is_logged_in']) {  )

I've used example 1 from your examples.

Any ideas?




Q2A version: 1.5.2

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That was just an example, so it won't work on your site. You need to replace it with the appropriate code to determine if someine is logged in to your site, and more details about them. Please see the documentation within the file.
Honestly the documentation file is not helpful on the single on installation, rather its so confusing. For example "Insert the MySQL details at the top," WHERE Precisely and reading through is not helping at all. Is there a video tutorial on this?