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I respect many of the users here and wanted to get some opinions on a new theme I am working on.


Let me know what you think. Thanks.

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Nice theme @mshelton.

In my openion It will be very nice to put a new "Site Activity" which is similar to the "All Activity" but little bit different from it.

What I am talking about "Site Activity" is the combination of "All Activity" and "User History" which has already included in Q2A.

Example what I want in "Site Activity" are as follows.

1 minute ago User-1 has posted a new question - What is question1?

2 minutes ago User-2 has answer User-5 question - What is question3?

3 minutes ago User-1 has got a new Bages "Questioner"

7 minutes ago User-4 has recategorized User-3 question. - What is question5?

10 minutes ago User-2 has got a new Bages "Best Question"

11 minutes ago User-2 has got the 1st position by scoring 1523 points

11 minutes ago User-1 has got the 2nd position by scoring 1089 points

11 minutes ago User-3 has got the 3rd position by scoring 986 points


By giving this site activity the user can find out easily all the activity of the site and it will also actract to the user.