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The question Points totally for week/month/interval was already brought up.

DisgruntledGoat answered with:

"With a plugin you would need to first log the date with each vote in a separate table. Use an event plugin to hook into a voting action. Then a page plugin to display results."

Anyone able to realize that quickly?

I see myself sitting at my pc for 2 weeks to do that... but I guess this feature is one of the most efficient to keep users motivated reaching the top of the ratings!


If nobody writes a plugin soon, You as well could try a workaround. Storing once a week an array with user ids and userpoints in filesystem and compare that to last weeks array. In 1.3 or 1.4 I used  $users=qa_db_single_select(qa_db_top_users_selectspec(0)); to get hands on the userpoints array.
good idea, I consider it as soon as I get time to write a plugin.
follow up: *Get most active users per week! (new plugin)*

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All right, here are the three plugins that I wrote for the q2a community.

I hope you like them:

1. Most active users per week/month (based on user activity: question/answer/comment)

2. Best users per month (based on userpoints)

3. Best users per Month (Premium Plugin with more features)