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Hi at all,

There is a way to search an user on Q&A ?

Now i only found the list of top scoring users but if i need to search a specific user how can i do this?


This is very important to be able to search user and adnaced search would be batter

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I agree that it should be possible to search for users (using wildcards if you don't know the name exactly). For now, If you do know the name, you can just write it in the URL (go to your own user page to see how the URL looks like) to jump straight to that profile.
can you explain what do you do? because i can not fond how to found a user if he has not written any question for example.. if i search a name it appear only if he has written something
You are right, it is not possible to search for a user using the search box. What I was saying is that if you know the username exactly, you can just write it in the URL. For example, my user page on this site is here: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/user/EulerSuecia
Just switch my username to someone else's to see their page.

To clarify: The "URL" is the address to the page, seen on the top of the browser.
Ok so is clear but is an action not user friendly for the most users of the web and also is ever necessary to EXACTLY know what is the nick of user that i need to contact and may be that i do not exactly remember or that i can wrong writiing especailly if the users use nickname really strange.
I hope taht someone with ability and knowledget create this plug in that for me would be very good