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I am trying to add some specfic links for Lotus Notus databases into questions and answers textareas which are using the CKeditor.  However when adding the URL using the link button in the CK toolbar, the word "denied" is being appended to the URL.  You can see this bahviour with this link:


 it also happens when adding something like javascript:open('notes://Garth/86256EDF005310E2/A4D87D90E1B19842852564FF006DED4E/') ;

Does anyone know how I can stop the "denied" value being appended to the start of the URL.  I have tried adding another protocol (notes://) to the link info protocol drop down in CKeditor.  I imgine there is a good reason for denied being appended in most cases to stop malicious code being excuted. 

Q2A version: V1.5

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This will be due to the HTML being passed through qa_sanitize_html(...) defined in qa-base.php which looks out for unrecognized protocols. You should override this function to suit your needs, making reference to the documentation of the htmLawed library it relies on.