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Does anyone have a login module / plugin, or be willing to write one, that would just trust the web server's authentication and set the logged in user to the remote_user?

This is for a site that always requires authentications such that all users always have that variable set.   

Also, the first time visiting Q2A the module would need to auto-provision an account for the user (doesn't need to set email address or anything, just add their userid to the database).

Something similar to http_auth which I've used in S9Y:  https://github.com/s9y/additional_plugins/blob/master/serendipity_event_httpauth/serendipity_event_httpauth.php
Q2A version: lates

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Did you take a look at the Proxy SSO Plugin?

Yes I did, I'm looking into using that and can probably make it work.   It's a bit over complicated for the case where the server is always authenticated and the $REMOTE_USER variable will always be set.