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KnowEm.com is a site that lets people check a multitude of sites to see if the name they want to use is taken already. They have a page where webmasters can submit their site to be added to the list of sites that KnowEm checks for usernames. I'm trying to do this, but am unsure what to indicate in the notes section at the KnowEm submission form. They provide a notes section where you can specify an API (instructions on how to check for usernames). Can anyone provide some help on what to indicate in the notes area? Here's the KnowEm link: http://knowem.com/suggest-site.php  Thanks!
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It doesn't say anything about an API, so I assume you can just write in the field something like all user pages are of the form yoursite.com/qa/user/USERNAME

So if that page exists, the username is taken.
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Hi max, sorry for the confusion, and thanks for your interest!  If you don't have an API it's ok, just complete the fields to contact you and the site URL and we'll check it out.  If we have any questions we'll contact you when we get the form.  

Please note, the only types of submissions we will consider are social networks which allow user profiles.

(Barry Wise of KnowEm.com)