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Hi Community,

I checked my error logs and found the php notice:

Undefined variable: q_view in .../qa-share-widget.php on line 42

What is the variable for? How to solve the error? Thanks!
This is an error generated by one of your plugins, presumably relating to a sharing widget.
yes I know, a plugin by NoahY. So I hoped that he would know what it is. However, the error was there only one time. Maybe caused during a development process.

I post again if the error should appear again. Thanks!

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Yes, thank you, should be fixed in latest version.
If possible, I'd like to ask to change the following:

# qa-share-layer.php
line 10: <style type="text/css">
line 53: <script type="text/javascript"> ...
line 88: 'email'=>'<a title="[local language string]" ...
# qa-share-widget.php
line 42: 'email'=>'<a title="[local language string]" ...

As I said, only if possible. If not I can edit these lines by myself when there is a plugin update. Thank you for your work!
I have tried this but not working it's still giving the same error. any idea?