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how do i use sso? say that im on an internal site that have the username, email and so on stored in cookies..how can i auto-login the user? security is not an issue.


i've tried reading the documentation but it seems a little overkill for what i want to accomplish...i have everything in cookies on the same site, ie username, email, real names and so on..i just want to auto-login these users so that they can ask questions - meanwhile i want to have a group of "approved" users that can answer
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It sounds like you should set Q2A up with single sign-on integration, i.e. have all the users managed by your main site. This page describes the details.

Otherwise, if you really want Q2A to manage users internally, but simply log in users from your main site automatically to Q2A, you should create a plugin with a login module that implements the check_login() method, and then calls qa_log_in_external_user() if a user is logged in. However you should note that in this case, Q2A users will be able to modify their usernames and emails, and these modifications will not be copied back to your main site.