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I have a wordpress 3.2.1 local installation on WAMP.

Today I successfully installed a Question2Answer in the qa subdirectory. I can access the question and answer site at the following url: http://localhost/test/qa/

I wanted to change question url's in the admin and the top 2 options are not "OK".

I looked at the suggestion on this page: http://www.question2answer.org/htaccess.php. The 2 are obiously satisfied. The second is satisfied, since the wamp/www directory in which the site is installed already has overwrite all.

I also tried to add RewriteBase /qa/ in .htaccess but the top options are still disabled.

What is the correct config in my case?

Q2A version: 1.5

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Try using RewriteBase / without anything after the slash.

Already tried that. I noticed that in the main folder for the site there is not an .htaccess file. Could this be related to my problem?
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Actually, if the top two options are not OK, this is probably not related to .htaccess. It is more likely an issue with your web server not working with some of the unusual characters in URLs which Q2A uses for (very strict) checking. What happens if you just choose the top option anyway? Do the URLs in your Q2A site work?

Oh, thank you. I already tried that yesterday but living RewriteBase uncommented. That way, I saw the server administration panel when trying to reach any page except the administration pages.
Now, I selected the first option, commented RewriteBase and it works.