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After inserting a large number of Q and A directly into qa_posts, reindexing takes hours... or even days?

1. minute: 750 entries indexed

2. minute: 450 entries indexed

3. minute:  130 entries indexed


9th minute 100 entries indexed


( using 90.000 entries in qa_words and 120.000 in qa_tagwords )


To much for this script?
Q2A version: 1.5

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The main factor will be the speed of your database - are you using shared hosting?

In any event, you can just leave the reindexing running along in the background - posts are only unindexed shortly before reindexing so search on your site will continue to work fine, even while reindexing is going on.
gidgreen, are you aware that reindexing can cause problems on the front end of the site? When I have done it several errors appear on the frontend.
I wasn't aware of this - what sort of errors?
I don't remember exactly but they may have been locking errors when reading/posting. Or session errors when viewing pages. I'll check and let you know. But it also seems to slow the site down a bit while it's indexing.
Perhaps these were the deadlock errors that are now resolved in Q2A 1.5? But yes, it will certainly slow down the site - not much can be done about that.