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I created a new folder qa-lang/en-JOBS

copied the into it all files qa_lang_*.php from /qa-include/

I edited the files in the new directory, changes the values.

but how to I select this NEW language?
Q2A version: 1.5

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Just put your files to /qa-lang/en-GB/ folder (or change your folder name into it).

There is a list of supported languages in the core (qa-app-admin.php). You would have to edit the core if you want to make 'en-JOBS' available. But it is not necessary.

My installed just isn't picking up the changes... I moved qa-lang-main.php to the en-GB folder and set it as the language in Admin.

Do I have to get to to "RELOAD" the new values?
From the Add On page I downloaded and installed the Langauge SPANISH.
It appears as a new item in "Site language:" menu in Admin.
I can select it, Save it, but site is still in English...
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Ok. Reinstalled - All worked.. No idea why.