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Q2A is an awesome, well documented script that can be adapted for multiple uses other than just Q&A sites. To make it even easier to adapt for non-tech users who don't want to bother with editing templates and/or files, do you (developers) think it would be a nice addition to offer a language config page where terms like "ask a question", "questions", "asked" (the native default terminology that relates to Q&A type of site) could be changed to suit the users needs. So for example, if I wanted to just make it a site where people write reviews, I could go into the language file and quickly update the "ask a question" to "write a review", and change "answers" to "comments", etc. What do you think of this idea? Some scripts I've tried (Pligg for example) have a language file and it makes it so easy to customize the site very quickly. Thanks!
Q2A version: 1.5

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