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I want to have like in stackoverflow to let the user find quickly the posts he could be interessed in.
Q2A version: 1.5
How would you define "posts they are interested in"? Do you mean just highlighting favourite questions, or another system where the user has specified their favourite tags?
Define by Tags, for exemple:
I am interessed in apache stuffs so I've choose the apache tag as a tag I like.
Then when I go on the question page I would like to see all the post tagged as apache with a different background color.

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I have create a plugin, which also allow to choose a custom color.
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New features:
- widget to display the favorite tags
- option to change the max favorite tags display in the widget
- available for categories
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No plugin for that currently exists so you'd need to make it yourself. Here's a short summary of the parts you would need:

  • A new database table for storing user's favourite tags.
  • A page plugin to add a tag to the user's favourite, that would get called when the user presses a button on the tag page. (Doesn't need to actually display anything, you can just redirect back to the previous page).
  • A layer override to add said button to each tag page.
  • A layer override that adds a class to the user's favourite questions in the question list.
I'm on it, there is already a table with the favorites