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If there anyone offering a Cloud based version of Q2A (ie supported app in a hosting company)

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Not that I know of. But Q2A doesn't need that - it runs great on any PHP/MySQL environment, there isn't really anything more a hosting company could add.
This turned out to be Correct.  Just Create Database on my hosting company, edit the php file and upload. Could not believe it!
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in my case(Askweb.ir) I put the site on 000webhost.com free hosting. then set the domain to cloadflare free CDNs and spend less than 5 minutes configuring it.

now I experience great speed and security with minimum cost.

specialy because my site doesn't need user login to ask question before starting cloadflare I would get over 20 spams a day that it is fixed now. so I see no need for apps and etc...