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I was hoping someone might create an extension that allows for users (when submitting a question)  to submit a link in an additional field and this link is automatically assigned to the the title as a url. Then when the user clicks the title they get forwarded to the webpage of the link. I know this sounds counter intuitive for a Q&A but imagine if someone typed in a title "How do I get a Question2Answer skin that looks like this" and then when the user clicks on it they get directly sent to it.


Then they can always comment/answer.

For my use of Question2Answer this would be a very useful addition, plus it would be a simply extension that allows users to have the familiarity of reddit or digg.

If anyone is willing to do a modification or extension for this I am willing to incentivise the project per compensation. Just email me admin [at] wikiaudio [dot] [org]



Addendum: This would probably have to have an admin option that puts these kinds of posts in a queue so that they have to be OK'd before going live. This prevents link spam.

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As a starting point, check out the "extra field" option under Admin>Posting. Then you may be able to modify the theme to use that as the URL.
This is something that I too would be definitely interested in!
It would also have to include additional buttons below the post so that if users wanted to respond they could. Otherwise they would simply get forwarded to a link. In short, you can't answer questions/respond without first opening the title, so new buttons would need to be created below the post that allows users to reply without first opening the question title.
Hi guys. Im doing it and, at this first moment, Im using q2a custom field to post a url and link the question title to the url given there. In description, I add a 'read more' link too. What Id like to build (future) its a button to this link and a url validation when posting a 'question'.

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