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On the question lists, the options for deciding "hotness" of a question are as follows:

  • Entry is new.
  • Entry has many views.
  • Entry has many upvotes.
  • Entry has many answers.
These parameters work well for calculating hotness (0-100) but I want the hotness to be ranked for a certain duration. Like the way Twitter's hashtags work.
For example I realized that however you set the parameters, there are some questions that would appear at the top of the "hot" page for a very long time. 
I don't know how this is calculated but it seems some parameters carry more weight than others.
If I set the value of entry is new to say 100/100, many upvotes to 90/100 and "many views" to 80/100 then old questions still carry weight a appear on top as long as they have many views or votes.
For example, I have a question that has almost 30k views and 100 upvotes. This one sticks to the top even if a new entry is posted with more votes for that day.
What I would want is that for the "hotness" to be calculated within a timespan, say for example 24 hrs (day) or 48 hours or such so that it is something like "hot questions for today" or "hot questions in the last 48 hours".
This is because I want to set the hot section as my hot page and so visitors should not see the same question appear at the top every time. 
How do I achieve such behaviour?
Q2A version: 1.8.8

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