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I'm trying safari and chrome after installing the facebook keys in q2a, now the F Login button appears on the site, but it doesnt actually pop up and load like on here.  www.mobilesupportforum.com is the site URL
Q2A version: latest
i'm having the same issue.. anyone know a fix?
Are you using 1.4.x or 1.5 beta 1?

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Facebook changed some things.
They have a new sdk which the script needs to connect.
To resolve the problem:
a) Your server should run php 5.x - otherwise it will not work.
b) Download q2a Version 1.5 and copy the folder .../qa-plugin/facebook-login
to Your actual plugin folder. Make acopy of Your old login-folder first.
Thats all, it should work again without problems.
Credit; monk333