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I am using on my site multiple like buttons and a likebox as xfmbl version.

Thatfor i need the facebook sdk loaded. I can add the sdk (exactly the same as in qa-facebook-login.php) under layout in admin under "Custom HTML at top of every page"  what works very well. Now, the new facebook login plugin activated I have the sdk twice and using the like button causes two entries on the facebook wall.

If I do not load the fb sdk at "Custom HTML at top of every page" then everything works well as long as I do not log in into the QA site the normal way.

If I am logged in the normal way, the liekbuttons do not show up, the like box as well does not show up as there is no sdk loaded.

Question is: Does it makes sence to add changes to the new facebook login plugin or otherwise, how could I load the whole sdk through the advanced theme in case the user is logged in the normal way ?

Or is there any better solution thinkable ?
Q2A version: 1.3

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