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hello dear q2a family, i am q2a user too. I want to ask a question. Can we restore a deleted member account by correcting it from the php admin section? Any other tactic?

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I have never seen a platform/CMS where you can delete a user then restore it. If you delete it, you delete it.

For such possibility to exist, entries will have to remain in database, but turn some boolean field like "user_deleted" to true and it will result in a massive database where even deleted user are still in the database.   

It is very easy to answer this question by yourself.
To verify and answer your own question, login to phpmyadmin> choose your q2a database > qa_users table   

see if the desired user is still there, then it means it can be restored. if it is not in the list it means it can't be restored. So what did you find, is a deleted user also deleted from the database :) ?
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Though I don't have the knowledge to suggest you make it through some database query, I can think of a way. If you have a database backup from when the user existed, you can probably restore the data from there. Most of the hosting companies offer data backups up to a certain limit.