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What to you mean?
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I've followed the steps for installing Q2a on the domain ehowdoi.info and have made it to item# 10 to go the root directory and follow the instructions - but I'm not seeing anything, no add-ons, no theme - just a different starting theme

I don't know what to do from here - can someone help me?
Currently it says there's an error on line 37 of qa-config.php, so check there first.

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You should see such a text on screen when you hit 

"www.yoursite" or "www.yoursite/main_Q2A-dir" :
Welcome to Question2Answer. It's time to set up your database!
[blah blah blah]
Create Database including User Management.
Do you see it ?
If not, check if you configured qa-config.php correctly.
Then check if ANY php file is executed properly on the server. E.g.:
text.php :
     echo "this is test ! ";