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I want to add SCEditor for my blog, https://www.enolez.com/articles
If your blog is another Q2A installation with shared users, it is easy. First, copy sceditor plugin into yoursite.com/articles/qa-plugin/. Now log in as admin. Then go to yoursite.com/articles and go to admin settings, then Plugins to enable Sceditor, then go to Posting and choose the Editor.

If you use Blog plugin by Ami, things are much complicated. The blog itself is just another Q2A installation, and some of the options are grouped together, and compiled into a plugin. I can't comment because I don't use it.
Blog plugin by Ami has an option to choose editor for blogs and comments in the admin panel.
@Gate Overflow, @enolez is using and modified the free blog plugin of JackSiro.
@jamil ahmad, no,I'm not using and modifying the free blog plugin of JackSiro.
I can't add SCEditor for my blog.So, I need help!

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