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I'm looking to transform my question2answer website into a Blog.
The reason why it's because question2answer has a great potential and the best tools to do so, such as:

  • Voting system
  • Advanced admin control
  • Great performance / Fast navigation between pages
  • And many other features that if we were using Wordpress to accomplish the same, would require installing plenty of plugins.

 If I could convert this into a Blog I'd certainly say a big GOODBYE to Wordpress. This would be the next generation of it.

But now I got the idea, but unfortunately I don't know how to accomplish this or which steps should I follow in order to convert it.
It's not that hard, I just don't know where and how to do it.

Basically it's just removing the possibility of answering questions and exchange the navigation texts, links and URLs, and also create an upload image function in order to create thumbnails for each question in this case post, to show them on the Homepage.

Can somebody help me with this, please?

Q2A version: 1.7

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Being able to network 2 Q2A installations, one for bloging and other for Q&A is tempting. however despite being a Q2A programmer I suggest wordpress for blogging. although WP is not as fast as Q2A, it offers more flexibility. also Q2A doesn't offer nested commenting and there are limited URL permalink options available.

If you wish to convert Q2A into a blog follow this steps:

  1. Language customizations: change keywords like "Question" to "Blog" or "Post", and so on ...
  2. in "config.php" some URLs like "site.com/questions" can be changed to "sites.com/blog". search for "$QA_CONST_PATH_MAP". you will need a plugin to change other routing paths like Ask Page(I think I already have a plugin for it).
  3. permission configurations: visit "Admin > Permissions". the ability to ask questions and one of comments or answers should only be give to special users(so either question comments or answers can be used as post comment). you might need a plugin to apply some more restrictions.
  4. design a custom theme for this, for example I designed IdeaBox theme for Q2A to use as a suggestion box or infinity theme for sharing tips. having a customized theme for blogging can improve the experience.

That should be all.

Thanks a lot @QA-Themes =) I think it's better use the questions comments as the "Post" comment, because in the future if the post has a bunch of comments this can be painful to navigate through them all I think. I don't know, maybe not... what's opinion about this? should I use the Question comments or the answer as the "Comment system"?
at this point answers are more customizable. however if Nested Comments are added in Q2A 1.8(maybe in a year or so) and you wish to use them, you will have to write a code to convert all answers to question comments.