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Does anyone know of a term is service plug in I can use when people register to get people to agree  to terms and rules ?
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No plugin needed for that. You can enable a "Terms & Conditions" checkbox on the user registration form under Administration center → Users. Put a HTML snippet in the text area in which you link to the page(s) with the actual terms. These pages can be created as custom pages under Administration center → Pages.

*sigh* Which part of EDIT. YOUR. QUESTION. is so damn hard to understand for everyone?

Anyway, that should be doable with a (layer?) plugin, but would require considerable effort for something that AFAICS has no legal benefit compared to what I suggested.
Well not everyone may want to do it that way each person may have there own way of wanting it done  I have pretty much figure out what I need to do I just need to know which file has the register link in it so I can  modify that now would  you happen to know which file would have that ?
I don't know which PHP file exactly is generating that link. However, even if you find it, changing core files is discouraged, b/c your changes would be lost with each update and would have to be re-applied. The recommended way of handling things like this is (I think) writing a layer plugin that "overlays" the generated HTML with your desired changes. Check the documentation on plugin development (https://docs.question2answer.org/plugins/ ).
I see actually all I want to do is edit the register link to point to the TOS  page and then to create a new  link to point back to the register file all I should have to do is make a copy of the original register link  it should be pretty simple.